Drone Services


Drone is an exciting field to be in. Drone has many applications. With drone, we do the following:

1. Aerial Photography: With drone, we can take high-resolution photos from the drone camera systems that are capable to capture and retrieve surface current data. We can measure the Doppler shift in waves. This is a cost-effective, timely and scalable; it can cover large surface areas.We provide services like integrating it with third party programs like Autodesk etc. They help inProject Management oversight, planning and site analysis. With extremely high-resolution imagery, the insurance companies can gather the most upto date and most accurate, inspection-level property data thereby allowing assessors to easily identify potential risks in a property such as swimming pools and the distance between trees and buildings.


2. Water Bodies : It may come as a surprise to everybody who reads that 85 percent of the surface of waterbodies remains unmapped and unexplored. With our drone, companies from the oil and gas industry can use the data extracted from the aerial captures, execute offshore exploration along with conducting deep-water drilling operations, reinforce oil spill response and mitigation, and assist in search-and-rescue missions.

3. Agriculture: The Aerial pictures help farmers work smarter in tasks such as surveying entire farm properties, conducting soil and irrigation sampling, scheduling pesticide applications, and finding mechanical errors in equipment.

Some staggering Statistics:

Potential Economic Benefit: 60K Crore, 10 Lakh Jobs