Investment Pitch Deck

VCs are exposed to thousands of pitches a year, and but only few get through them. Do you know why?It is because those pitches have the right kind of information at the right point of time and that is why we are here to help.

The pitch deck is as important as your business– after all, it helps your VC visualize your rationale for why people should invest in your idea and give you a lot of money. Maybe millions of dollars.

So better nail it.

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Our observation suggests that and various studies support that

The financial and team slides were viewed the most and longest at 23.3 and 22.8 seconds each on average.

The problem and solution pages were viewed for the least length of time at 11.3 and 10.6 seconds.

Given the confidentiality and privacy involved, we ensure that no secret sauce is leaked. That is the reason we haven't put up any of our work as portfolio.